Checklist and Action PlanF - KS2 ResourcesKS3 - KS4 Resources Becta SRF

Foundation to KS2 E-safety Education and Training resources

For Foundation to KS2 pupils    For all school staff 

Know It All for Children and Young People

  Developing Safe Lifelong Behaviours F-Y6


  Reviewing the Esafety Environment in your School

ESafety Survey for Pupils

(KS 1 and 2)

    Cyberbullying Collaborative Activity for Lower KS 2

ESafety Flick-Flack

( Blank)

    Cyberbullying Collaborative Activity for Upper KS2

I'm an Esafety Ambassador

    Taking Part in a web Conference

Ben's Story

    Signposts to safety- Teaching Esafety at KS1 and 2

Hectors World for KS1

    Know It All for Teachers

Bullying Uk- Juniors

    Know It All for Trainee Teachers
 Lee and Kim's Adventures     How Safe are your staff and helpers?
 Think U Know for 8-10yr olds     Know It All for SEN
      KidSMART for Teachers and Adults
      Bullying UK for Schools
      Bullying UK Advice for Support Staff

 For Parents and Carers

  For Governors 

BECTA Esafety Guidance for Parents and Carers

  The role of the safeguarding Governor

ThinkUKnow for Parents and Carers

  ICT- Becta Essential Guide for Governors

KNow IT All Parents Area

  Guidance from SWGFL

Know It All Childnet - Parents Leaflet

  NGA Becta Guidance

Childnet International - Online resources

  ESafety for Governors ( Liverpool)  

Esafety Quiz for Parents


KidSMART for Parents


Bullying UK for Parents



 Useful video material (please review then download and save locally before using with children)

Cyberbullying - Girl on stage
CEOP Report Abuse